7 comments on “92: Fatawa DarulUloom Deoband (فتاوٰی دارالعلوم دیوبند)

  1. subhanallah i really liked that web but i have a request from your team that if u put the hole fetawi that can others download it. allah will be pleased by your website and it is really help full becoze it is a bit hard to go to web site and then read it then you have it in your computer to read it that is what i think

  2. ASSLAMU ALAKUM: sir hamray office may aik banda hay ,wo kehata hay ,k Hazoor(S.A.W) kay pas aik aadmi aaya ,aor kaha k may nay apny bewi ko Talq dadi teen dafa .To Hazoor(S.A.W) nay kah jao apny bewi ka pas .Rahnomi Fermai

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