3 comments on “292: Jugrafia Albaz Al-Ashab (جغرافیۃ الباز الاشہب)

  1. The book academic study raised a great debate among intellectuals and researchers, the fact that the book has denied the birth of Imam al-Jilani in Tabrstan confirming his birth in Gilan (Iraq) near the towns, and the book met well accepted among historians and researchers, making the book wide acclaim, where more than copy distributed the barrier of 100,000 copies [1], and has printed four editions and translated in whole or in summary into several languages including English and Urdu, Chinese, Kurdish and Hausa and Bengali [2].

  2. (حقائق تاريخية ناصعة عن الشيخ عبدالقادر الكيلاني “رضي الله عنه” مقتبسة من دراسة علمية دقيقة معتمدة للدكتور جمال الكيلاني تستحق التقدير والثناء ، منشورة في مدينة فاس التاريخية في المملكة المغربية ، وحازت على درجة الامتياز واحترام المؤرخين والعلماء شرقا وغربا وهكذا كان السيد الشيخ عبدالقادر الكيلاني ، قائدا فذا ومربيا جليلا ، وعالما كبيرا وفقيها كبيرا ، كان أمة في رجل رضي الله عنه).

  3. Prof. Dr. Sheikh Abdul-Malik al-Saadi: (The butter goes staleness As for what the good of mankind and he would stay in the ground, blessed brother Dr. glory persistent Jamal al-Kilani in worked hard and came and explained and Ahakgueth the right man the right and the argument of his time, Mr. Abdul-Qadir Gilani “RIP”, he is good, work, work good bump, and blessed a new tender that, God willing).

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